Why Quick Maintance Design 50W 100W 150W 200W LED Street Light From China Producer So Popular ?

Is It The Final Version Of LED Street Light ?

Recent years , the quick maintance design LED street light from 50W to 200W had been widely used for the street lighting projects , why it's so popular ? Why it can replace the metal halide street lamps and other version led street lights ?

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Old type metal halide street lamps VS quick maintance led street lights

While we driving in the city , we may sometimes see lift truck is maintaning the street lamps , the metal halide lamps or HPS lamps have very short life time compared to the LED street lights , and for metal halide lamps or HPS lamps , there is also big ballast , will also damage sometimes , arrange maintance workers cost a lot , especially with lift truck at 7-8m or even higher . During the lifetime of the LED street light ,the metal halide street light may had been maintained 3-4 times , and the maintance cost may even higher than the cost of the LED street light , we hadn't take the electricity saved by led street light into account . And the metal halide street lamps or HPS street lamps take some time to warm up then produce light , it waste electricity compared to LED street light , as LED street light will light up immediately after electricity on .

Other type LED Street light VS quick maintance LED street light 

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As we said , the street light maintance cost is very high , the lift truck and worker at high temperature work and very high place , so the street light should have a good quality to reduce the failure rate , and reduce the maintance time while damaged .

What's the damage reason of the LED street light ?

1. Damage of the LED driver or LED board , becasue of the driver quality , heating or welding problem

2. Thunder strike , normally will damage surge protector or LED driver after some times .

How will the quick maintace LED street light save maintance cost ?

After damage , the ordinary LED street light should be replaced with new led street light 

should get off the screws , and this work will need some time , but for quick maintance led street light , can quickly open the driver space even the LED space , change the damaged driver , led board , or surge protector very quickly . This could save the maintance time to save maintance cost , also the driver other accessories cost will be less than replace the whole LED street light .

And the quick maintance led street light could come with poweroff protector , while open the driver space , the electricity to the driver will be cut off , won't affect other led street lights . To avoid the electricity shock to the maintance workers .