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Would 180lumens/W LED Street Light Cost-effective ?

Customers may ask China producer for 180lumens/W LED street light , we got some inquiry like that ,  as the LED industry developing , currently it's not hard to reach 180lumens/W , like in the past years , some factory already mark their LED high bay light  190lumens/W .

How to make the LED street light 180lumens/W ?

Normally  the solution is use more LEDs and high performance LEDs , but in order  make the LED street light cost-effective , use more LEDs means bigger size of street light housing . Take the 120W LED street light for example ,  it was made by housing of 150W LED street light ,  adopt 90 PCS Lumileds 5050 LEDs , Ra above 70 , color temperature 5000K , driver adopted Sosen SS-150VA-56B , 150W LED driver , the total lumens tested is 21650.3 lumens ,  lumen effiency is 180.72 lm/W , performance is pretty good . As following:

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Does Only LED Quantity And LED Type Matter The Lumen Effiency ?

The answer is not , other things that will affect the lumen effiency , such as the glass of the LED street light , its light transmittance , the reflector of the LED street light ,if there is reflector , it will improve light performance , the driver effiency , it will determine the driver how much power would turn to heat , and how much power will turn to light . To use high effiency driver , high tramsmittance glass is also important to increase the lumen effiency .

Is 180 lumens/W LED Street Light Cost Effective ?

Some customers judge the LED products will how much USD per watt , as the LED lighting products most important thing is produce light , so actually while have same quality , make it how much USD per lumen would be much better . And consider the energy saving , while same price and same power , the higher lumen effiency ones would be more cost-effective . And while same price and same lumens , the lower power ones would be much better .

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