Can LED Tri-proof Light 60W Replace 5 FT Fluorescent Armature ?

LED Tri Proof Light VS LED Tubes Or T8 Fluorescent Tubes

5FT Fluorescent armature is made by T8 1.5M fluorescent tubes , mostly philips or osram , each is 36W , LED tri proof light 60W is made by LED driver and LEDs , PC housing . And for replacements , most important is after change new light fixtures ,there have same same or higher lux level .

As most places already have lighting fixtures , so most of the lighting projects are replacements .

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Like the picture , the fluorescent T8 armature , can be made with 1 PCS T8 tube , or 2PCS t8 tube , for 60CM it wil be 1×18W or 2×18W , for 120CM it would be 1×36W or 2×36W , for for 150CM it would be 1×58W or 2×58W . If with T8 LED tubes , it would be for 0.6CM it wil be 1×10W or 2×10W , for 1.2M it would be 1×18W or 2×18W , for for 1.5M it would be 1×36W or 2×36W . Because the LED tubes have also double lumen effiency than the fluorecent tubes and T8 LED tubes if with good materials and quality , the life time could be 50,000 hours , can save labor cost for the maintance .

However , if with LED tubes , the lumen effiency of the armature couldn't be very high , as the light produced by the LEDs will transmit 2 PC  covers , each transmittance of the PC cover is around 85-90% . So the lumen will lose 2 times . And the light produced not so smooth .

If with LED tri proof light , the driver quality normally is better than the LED tube driver , as the competition of the LED industry , the LED tube driver quality had been lower and lower , increase the risk of the failure of the LED tube .

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While with whole 60W LED tri proof light fixture , compared with armature with LED tube or fluorecent tubes , the LED tri proof light would perform better .As following:

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So we can see , if customer want better performance , less maintance cost , better quality , we can use 5ft 1.5m 60w led tri proof light to replalce fluorecent t8 armature.