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Vapor proof led light fixture is the tri-proof light  fittings we talked about ,  it's also called LED tri proof light , three proof led light , weather proof led fixtures , the size normally 2ft , 4ft , 5ft , 8ft .

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The vapor proof led light fixture is used for indoor lighting or shed lighting , also it's designed IP65 , but fewly used for outdoor lighting .

Vapor means a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid of water or oil , and if the fixture is not IP65 , the vapor gets into the vapor proof led light fixture body , it will harm the electronic parts of the driver , also the LED maybe defective if the sulfide gets into the lamp body , so the life time of the weather proof led fixture will be shorter .

The vapor proof led light fixture work with fluorescent tubes or T8 LED tubes have following types :

2ft 60cm , 1x18w fluorescent tube or 1x10w led tubes

2ft 60cm , 2x18w fluorescent tube or 2x10w led tubes

4ft 120cm , 1x36w fluorescent tube or 1x18w led tubes

4ft 120cm , 2x36w fluorescent tube or 2x18w led tubes

5ft 150cm , 1x48w fluorescent tube or 1x24w led tubes

5ft 150cm , 2x48w fluorescent tube or 2x24w led tubes

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These dimensions are the most common size in the market , there are also 6ft 1.8m and 8ft 2.4m vapor proof light fixtures .

Except the vapor proof light fixtures with fluorescent tubes or LED tubes , the fixture  can remove the ballast or led tubes , replace them with led boards and LED drivers , then the stability and lumen performance can be improved .