China LED Street Light Manufactures - How Did The COVID-19 Affect The market

The Covid-19 influence the glabal lighting market , include the china led lighting light manufactures .

1. Humen activities reduced after the covid-19 spread the world , the lighting products demand reduced with less human avtivities .

2. LED street light distributors and contractors got less LED street lighting projects as peoples and customer's income become less with the COVID-19 , the purchase willing had been less .

3. Goverment aroud the world , pay more attention and money for the COVID-19 , the willing to replace the old street light lamp with LED street light to improve the city lighting and energy saving had been lower .

4. Economic stimulus measures in countries have triggered inflation , the main materials of the lighting products had increased crazily . Especially the aluminium , PC copper , as we all knows the china LED street light manufactures use a lot of aluminium to produce housing of the LED street light , and the PCB also made of aluminium , the screw made of stainless steel , lens made of PC... all rised a lot to increase the cost of the led street light .

5. The increase in home activities promote the hot sale of electronic products, cause the shortage of IC , and the LED driver price increased a lot , the delivery time of the LED street light driver had been 2-3 times longer .

6. The economic recession caused by COIVD-19 makes national currencies depreciate  to the US dollar, further pushing the price of local purchase of LED street lights.