Linkable Dali Dimming LED Tri Proof Light

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As LED make intelligent lighting become possible , dali , 1-10V , zigbee system had been widely used for commerical and industrial lighting . Here we talked about the linkable dali dimmable triproof light for industrial lighting .

DALI is called Digital Addressable Lighting Interface , it is a new intelligent lighting system control protocol : the system has the characteristics of simple structure , convenient installation , easy operation and excellent function ; the protocol defines communication mode between dali LED driver and controller, DALI protocol system is distributed Intelligent module composition ; each dali LED driver has digital communication and digital control capabilities , DALI module's memory module can save address and lighting scene information ; there is a lot of smart modules on DALI bus , and can be performed with each smart module through DALI bus . Digital communication , delivery instructions and status information , implement the function of the lamp , dimming control , and system settings . The Powerbus bus is also in line with the DALI protocol .

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For dali system , the dali dimmable led tri proof light should have 5 wires , ACL , ACN , Ground , Dali+ and Dali- , to make dali LED tri proof light linkable , the lamp body should have 5 wires through wiring , the dali wire could be small size wire .

For quick installation LED triproof to make it dali dimming linkable , the lamp cap should have connectors for 5 wires .

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For dali led driver , we adopt BOKE driver , very professional and qood quality .