Key Points Of Through Wiring Luminaire - Linkable LED Tri Proof Light | LED Batten Light

How To Make Reliable Linkable LED Luminaires

For projects in China and other countries , linkable LED tri proof light are widely used for factory lighting , and linkable LED batten and linear lights are widely used for office and supermarket .

Which material will determine the linkable quality of the linkable LED tri-proof light and LED batten light ?

The answer is the through wiring wires inside the linkable tri-proof light . 

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As we see in the picture , actually all the powers are loaded on the through wiring , so the diameter of the wires and quality determines the quality and linkable quantity of the linkable led tri proof light .

The wire conductor materials should be copper or aluminium , for LED industry , copper is more popular .

The housing of the wires , maybe PVC , Silica gel , PE ... , different materials have different temperature resistance , but inside the LED tri proof light and other linear lights , the temperature inside the lamp space could be above 70 °C , some wires maybe burned with high temperature and high current . Silica gel wires have very good temperature resitance and performance .

Different size wires can have different current limit , while the current exceed the limit current , the wires maybe burnt , then have risked of LED luminaire damage even cause fire .

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Take 14 AWG wires for example , while at 75 °C the current limit is 20A , while at 220V , the total power the wire can hold is 4400W , if the LED tri proof light is 40W , then the linkable quantity could be 4400÷40=110 PCS .