Is Breathable Valve Nessary For LED Tri-proof Light , LED Flood Light , LED Street Light ?

Nessary but not essential - Yicai Lighting | China Factory Manufacture

We see some outdoor and industrial lighting LED products have breathable valve , such as LED tri-proof light , LED street light , LED flood light , but not all the china producers will adopt breathable valve , we also call it breather .

Outdoor and industrial lighting manufactures often face the impact of rainwater, fog, ice and snow, sand, temperature alternating day and night. Therefore, it is especially necessary to make the product adapt to various weather changes. Such problems always puzzled the RD engineer , and after aware of the problem, the engineers had tried various solutions to LED triproof light , street lights , flood lights , tunnel lights , to  make reliable protection, but it is still unable to overcome the following four problems:

1, the internal and external pressure difference of the lamp

2, the airtightness is very good, the some part heat is too high

3, water vapor, fog, etc.

4, short life life

The Breathable valve make the industrial and outdoor lighting products work better, keep the best performance in harsh environments!

1. It has contamination of outdoor licensed, oil-proof and dustproof and dust.

2. Extend the life of outdoor lighting products, reducing the housing stress to the application seal.

3. The breathable product can be installed manually or automatically, easy to assemble, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

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So we can see , the Breathable Valve indeed help the waterproof industrial or outdoor lighting product improve quality :

1 . Insure the waterproof structure would not be damaged , and water , dust would not get into the lamp body .

2. Air flow from the light fixture to air , help cool the LEDs