China LED Street Light Factories Development Status - Homogenization Competition

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There're many LED street light factories in China , and most of the manufactures have  very similar products , the apperience looks 98% similar , and even size and weight , how did this happen ?

Since the SMD LEDs been invented and applicated in lighting products , the LED industry develop very fast . In China , there're factories produce LEDs , drivers , housing , assembling ... Compared to the triditional lighting factories , the LED lighting is too easy to get started , especially the assembling factories . 

For street light led lighting , the reliable driver brands to customers always meanwell , and recent years , sosen inventronics philips osram driver getting more known to the customers , so very few led street light china producers have their own brand drivers .

For LEDs ,  it's more harder for the LED street light factories to get in the area , produce LEDs especially reliable LEDs for street lighting , need a lots of machines and equipments .

So for China LED street light factories , the housing is the most easy part to make the product seems different ,  as there're many LED street light housing manufactures in china , once one model gets hot selling , the housing producers and other LED street light producers will imitate , so lots of similar products show up in the market .

However , this is market , always competition , and the final customer will benefit from the competition .