New Generation LED Tri Proof Light For Unit Kingdom | Yicai China producer manufacture

Fast Installation And Maintance Coming Without Cable

Yicai Lighting as china supplier and producer for LED tri proof light , our products had been installed in more than 40 countries,and for Unit Kingdom UK market,we have lots of experience.

For UK market,most LED tri proof light was ordered without cables,that means,while the triproof come to UK,the customer had to open the PC cover,take out the LED PCB,and install the existing cables to the connector in the three proof light body.

For emergency LED tri-proof lights,customer would need the emergency backup with self-test function,and for emergency power,3W 5W 8W 10W for 1.5-2 hours is the popular.

Some projects will need motion sensor LED tri proof light , maybe for parking or warehouse,and the parameters should can be set by remote control.Some may need emergency with motion sensor,and it's available.

Yicai Lighting new generation with the LED PCB board embedder in the PC cover,is better option for quick installation and maintance,could save a lot labor cost and time.

Here is video of the new LED tri proof light as following: