Key Points For Linkable LED Tri-proof Light | Yicai China Factory Producer

Wires in the through wiring linkable LED tri-proof light , will determine the linkable quantity , and the safety of the three proof light , if the vapor proof led light will get over heat and burn , the factory and producer in china have to pay attention to the wires inside .

For industrial lighting projects,some projects will need through wiring LED tri-proof light,that's what we called linkable LED tri-proof light.The wires inside the linkable LED triproof light is very important.

With linkable LED tri-proof light, for the new installation projects,could save cost for wiring , the led three proof light in series could controled by group.

Why the wires is important for the linkable led tri proof light ?

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Current carry capacity is depended on the size of wires, and the current carry capacity will determine the total power of the through wiring. Take 1.0mm² wires for example,the safe current is around 12A,while the voltage os 220V,then the total power it carries is around 2640W,if the linkable led triproof light is 40W,then the quantity in series should be no more than 60PCS.If more in series,the wire may have the risk of burt. As experienced manufacture and supplier in china,Yicai always choose 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² wires for through wiring LED tri proof light .

Materials of the wire is also very important. PVC wires will have higher risk of damage, as the rubber and Silica gel wires have higher temperature tolerance than PVC,in the triproof, the temperature is higher than outside, and while get over power,the PVC will get soft and burnt.And also,after getting hot,the PVC wires will release some gas which could harm the PC housing of the linkable LED tri proof light.