4000PCS LED Tri-Proof Light To Germany | YICAI China Producer Factory

LED Tri-Proof Light Aging Test

The 4000PCS 120CM 36W LED tri-proof light with TUV flicker free Osram driver is under aging test,and will be packaged and delivered to Germany.

This batch of led three proof light is made by 2835 LEDs from Hongli tronic , with San'an big size LED chip , and gold line ,PPA frame , total 294 LEDs , could reach 120lumens/W.

And the LED driver adoped is Osram flicker free LED driver,whole fixture 5 years warranty at cost-effective price,and with customers's desire,Lifud,philips,Boke driver could be optional.

The LED tri-proof light is quick installation design,come without cables,support 3 wires through for ordinary linkable,and 5 wires through wiring for dali and 1-10V linkable.

The wires in the LED triproof light is VDE ceretificated rubber wires,could hold high temperature and avoid problems.