LED Street Light Replaced Most Of The HPS ( High Pressure Sodium Lamp ) Street Lamp In Shenzhen , China

Yicai Lighting | China Factory Manufacture Producer

As an important city in LED industry in China , Shenzhen replace most of the HPS high pressure sodium lamps by publica LED street light , and in other cities in Guangdong , Dongguan , Zhongshan also walk in the forefront of the energy saving street lighting , and also have many LED street light factory and producers .

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Compared with HPS street lamp , LED street light have many advantages :

1. Energy saving , could save at least 30% electricity

2. Short start time , HPS lamps need 5 - 10 miniutes to get normal light level , and LED street light could get full light in 1 second .

3. Long life time , LED street light could have 70,000 hours life while HPS only have 3000 - 5000 hours , that means in same period , have to replace the HPS lamps 10 times , the product cost and labor cost would be quite different .

4. High Ra , although Ra is not so important for street lighting , but higher Ra could improve lighting effect . HPS Ra is 20 while LED street light could have Ra above 70 

5. Smart control , the LED street light could equiped with nema base , smart lora zigbee controller , photocell , light sensor ,surge protector , make it smart  control or dimming .

6. Beam angle could be design more suitable for street light , and HPS lamps is much harder to control the beam angle 

Shenzhen as  a modern city which only built 40 years , goes first in many differnet areas , and currently 400,000 PCS of the HPS light had been replaced by LED street light , improve the city image , save a lot electricity , and make the city street light more smart .