How To Repair LED Street Light

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As most led product with constant current driver , LED street light have 5 important parts : 

LED driver , brands as meanwell sosen philips osram inventronics moso ...

LEDs , brands as lumileds philips osram samsung Nichia cree bridgelux San'an

Housing , there are housing manufactures , some LED street light producers have their own design mould hosing .

PCB , aluminium PCB LED board , to fix the LEDs and make them in series and parallel , and get power from the driver , transmit heat from LEDs to the housing .

Lens , to control the beam angle of the LED , to make them suitable for street lighting

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Poweroff protector , surge protector , nema base are not essential parts for a led street light to work , but important part to make a better led street light .

Other parts in the picture belongs to the housing of the LED street light . 

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Normally the housing would not have problem while the cooling and waterproof would not have problem , most problems happen to the driver or LEDs .

While driver and LEDs have problems , we have to replace the damage parts , the replacements could get from the market or producer .

If the driver damaged , the new driver should have same input voltage , same output voltage and current , or the street light would not work . For example , while the old driver output is 58V 2A , the new driver is 36W 1A , after replacement , the LED street light would not work , or could work but couldn't have same performance as before.

If the LEDs failed , have the replace the whole LED board , only replace the damaged LEDs need specially tools and knowledge . Only the replace the LED board , if not from the producer , would be very hard to find LED PCB that have same size , hole position , and LED quantity , sery and parreal , the best way is to ask the producer to offer replacements , and tell them the product model and the character on the PCB .

If your problems is not fixed , welcome to ask us for more help .