How To Judge If the LED Street Light Is Cost-Effective From China Manufactures

Yicai Lighting - Street LED Lighting China Factory Prodducer

We always get answers from customers for our LED street light quotation , your price is too high . Actually not only the LED street light , also other LED products face same problems .

Why ?

First , it maybe business rules , if customer say yes to your first quotation , that means the customer didn't discuss price with you , and most times , people may always  feel the first quotation always have space to be lower . Who will reject much lower price ?

And with the answer " your price is too high " , will give pressure to the supplier to offer much better price . However , it worth a try .

Secondly , indeed your quotation is higher than the led street light customers' former supplier . May your profits is higher , maybe your cost is higher , maybe the materials is different .

Honestly , price always related with materials , while the competition in the LED products is so bad , to keep high profits is very hard .

What will affect the LED street light price ?

1. Housings 

The housing of the led street light mostly made with aluminium , if want to keep cost-effective , the housing should gurrantee the cooling with as less aluminium , but as we all know , the heavier housing , the better cooling , the less lumen decay , the longer life of the LEDs .

Some simple structure and hot selling led street light housing also have lower cost , as its production cost is lower , and face more competition , the profits is very very low.

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2. LEDs

Currently the LED street lights mostly made with LEDs as following:

5050 3030 2835 , while with same brand and quantity , the less leds the cheaper . And normally LED street light fixtures with 5050 LED have higher cost than 3030 , and 3030 higher than 2835 .

And for led brand , lumileds 5050 have higher price than other brands' 5050 , Nichia 3030 have higher price than lumileds 3030 , and lumileds 3030 have similar cost with osram and samsung 3030 , and higher price than other china brand 3030 .

For 2835 led , the ones could be used for LED street lights mostly are lumileds brand , price already very low , and the cost in a led street light is very small , so with other brand , the price won't have big difference .

3. Drivers

Drivers widely used for street lighting such as meanwell , inventronics , sosen , philips , moso , as we know , meanwell highest price ,  and philips similar as inventronis , higher than sosen (similar with moso ).

Some small power drivers have very low price , such as 50W 2-3USD, and some led street light producer use 3pcs 50W drivers to make 150W LED street light , use 4PCS 50W driver to produce 200W led street light , then the led street light could have very low price .

So , price alwasy related to materials , while same housing leds and drivers , the lower price , the more cost-effective .