How Much Distance For 50W 100W 150W 200W LED Street Light Pole ?

Yicai Lighting China Factory Manufacture

In general, the street led light interval is related to the hights of the light pole and power of the LED street light . 60 watts of LED street light , 6 meters hight of light poles, and interval is 15-18 meters ; 8 meters hight of the pole have distance at 20-24 meters , 32-36 meters distance of 12-meter light pole . It's for reference only.

The distance of the street light is determined by the  power of the street led fixture , the street light installation height , the width of the street , lux level desire .

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The spacing of the led road light is also related with the nature of the road , such as industrial zone road, rural roads , urban roads ,  and highway , as different roads will need different hight light poles and different lux level . In general, the roadshoot spacing between urban roads is between 25 meters - 50 meters , if it is a mounted landscape light , garden light , etc , small power street light such as 20W 30W , When the light source is not very bright, the spacing can be slightly shortened, and can determine the size of the spacing according to customer needs or according to customer needs or according to design needs.