Can LED Replace Street Lights ?

Aug 18th,2021 Yicai Lighting - China Factory

As technologies develops, most of lighting products have solution replaced by LED lighting products , such fluorescent tubes by LED tubes , downlight by LED downlights,spot lights by LED spot lights , people also ask ,can LED replace street lights ? The answer is yes.

To replace old luminaires by LED products , there're some important points :

1. Have similar or higher lumens

LED lights can have much higher lumen effiency than troditional luminaires , take 4ft 36W fluorescent tubes for example , 36W fluorescent tubes can produce 2430lumens around , 20W LED tubes with 130lumens/W , would produce around 2600lumens . The LED lighting prducts can have lumen effiency 120-180lumens/W.

For street lights,HPSL E40 street light fixture, the effective lumen effiency would be around 50-60lumens/W , and the LED street lights could be 110-170lumens/W,normally we can take half power LED street lights to replace traditional HPSL street luminares.

2. Have similar or same size , can fit into same fixture .

Street luminares should fit into street light poles , so LED street lights should also fit into street light poles . The following is size of our 50W LED street light , can fit 3 different size light poles .

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3. Have same or better IP rate .

Street luminares all works outdoor,will have suffer rain , wind , thunder attack , sunshine , so the waterproof should be at least IP65 , and mostly LED street lights could meet this IP rate .

4. Have same or much more suitable beam angle

Street lighting is special application , there are different types of street , and will need different beam angle to fit different streets , LED street light is much more easier to control the light than traditional luminares , the lens producer develop different lens to different streets.

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5. Have longer life and more energy saving

LED street lights can have 60,000hours of life ,while troditional luminares only have thousands of hours , and street led lights have higher lumen effiency , can save 50% or more electricity .

So we can see , LED can replace street lights perfectly.