How Many Lumens Is A LED Street Light ?

Aug 19th,2021 Yicai Lighting- China Producer

While replace traditional street luminares,people may ask,how many lumens is a led street light,some electricians who first met the LED street light , may also ask same question.

Actually we couldn't give a certain answer for this question,as lumen of a LED street light may determine by following parameters:

1. Power of the LED street light

For LED street light may have power of 30W 40W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 250W 300W ,while same quantity LEDs and same item,same driver,same structure,higher powers would have higher lumens.

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2. LED type

Different LEDs have different lumen performance,for street light,mostly used LEDs are 3030 or 5050,even 3030 from different producers have different lumen performance,like chip size,chip quantity,chip voltage will affect the lumens,while same brand chip,bigger size,more quantity,or lower voltage will have better lumen performance.

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3. Driver type

Different driver may have different effiency,means how much electricity change to heat,and how much change to light,take 100W for example,if driver effiency is 90%,that means 10W electricity turned to heat by the driver,so we can understand,while others the same,higher effiency driver,the better lumen performance.

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4. Transmittance of the lens

Led street lights will have lens to control the beam angle,and lens have a transmittance,which means how much light to get of the lens,the others will be blocked,the higher transmittance lens,the street lights will have transmittance lens will have better lumen performance.

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5. Reflector

The LED street lights while have same LEDs,driver,and fixture,the one have reflector will have little better performance,would help make these scattered light useful.

Totally,the lumen effiency of the LED street lights is around 90-180lumens/W,dertermined by above things,is this helpful to you?