Are LED Street Lights Safe ?

Aug 16,2021 Yicai Lighting | LED Street Lights Manufacture

While the increase of people's energy-saving and environmental awareness, there are more and more applications of LED street lights in modern cities and roads , people often ask , are LED street lights safe ? 

As a manufacture of  street led lights , our customers had installed hundreds of housands of led street light fixtures ,  and they're not harmful to humens , animals , and environments .

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1 . Street led lights have more protections than ordinary street light fixtures .

The LED street light driver have more protections , such as over voltage protection , short protection , over current protection , over temperature protection , it can help LED street lights work more stable , and maintain a more consistent light performance , so can avoid brightness change on the roads , avoid traffic accidents , such as while some street lights damaged , the car may run into animals or humans .

2. LED street lights don't have hydrargyrum or other elements that may harm the environment .

As we know fluorescent tubes and other light sources have hydrargyrum , which could harm the environment and people's health .

3. LED street lights save electricity and energy , may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions .

Compared with traditional street lights , LED street lights can save 30%+ electricity , and with intelligent functions , like light sensor , dimming function , can save even more energy ,  help slow down the global warming process .

4. Will LED street light produce more harmful short-wavelength lights than traditional street lights ? The answers is no .

All lights include sunshine , have short-wavelength lights , and LED street lights didn't produce more , also some short-wavelength lights is helpful to human , like when ultraviolet light is irradiated with the human body, it can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body to prevent the child from being ill, often let the child sun into the sun is this. UV is also bactericidal, and the ward in the hospital utilizes ultraviolet sterilization. But too strong ultraviolet rays hurt the human body, pay attention to protection .

5. Will LED street lights fall off poles when strong winds ?

No, the LED street lights are made of aluminium , although it's heavy , but will be steadily installed with special screws , will not have the risk of falling .

So we can see , the LED street lights are eco-friendly, and safe to human and animals .