ABS PS PC Tri-proof Fixture VS New Type LED Tri-proof Light | China Factory Manufacture

Disadvantages And Advantages

Why old type ABS BS PC bottom and cover tri proof fixture still very popular?

LED tri proof light is widely used for  industrial  lighting projects,the old type tri proof light fixtures was made ABS PS or PC housing with fluorescent tubes or LED tubes.Lots of customers still  choose LED tubes for the tri proof fixture,but with ABS or PS housing,as the price would be much more cheap, than the new led tri-proof light . Except the price reason,another reason is afraid of the failure of the new led tri-proof light,the old type tri-proof fixture with bottom and cover type,can quickly maintance while LED tubes damaged.

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Disadvantages of ABS PS PC tri proof fixture with LED tubes

The tri proof light fixture with LED tubes have some disadvantages,the lumen effiency couldn't be very high,as the light will first transmit the pc cover of the LED tube,and the cover of the tri proof fixture.Another disadvantage is the life time,the LED tube in IP65 space of tri proof fixture work at a high temperature , and then in the LED tubes,the temperatue even higher with the light decay will be higher.

Advantages of the new type whole PC tri proof led light

Higher  lumen effiency

Longer life with less maintance charge

Batter waterproof

Better apperance