How To Identify A Quality LED Tri-proof Light | Yicai China Manufacture And Supplier

Only Driver And LED Matters?

For industrial lighting projects and products,customer alwasy willing to choose quality products,becasue LED high bay light and LED tri-proof lights normally installed at a high roof at factories,maintance charge is very high because normally there need a lift,and the factory had to stop production.

LED high bay light and LED tri-proof light is 2 important products for industrial lighting projects.And the high bay lighting products, LED tri-proof lighting products mostly supplied by china factory producer.We mainly talk about LED tri-proof light here,how to identify a quality led tri proof light ?

For the old type ABS PS PC triproof fixture with LED tubes produced by china manufacture,the quality of the LED tubes is very important,as the failure rate depends on the LED tube quality.And for the fixture,if good protection during the shipping,the damage while working would be rarely happen.

Here we mainly talk about the whole PC housing LED tri proof light with LED PCB boards supplied by china manufacture .Main parts of the product is : LED Driver ,LEDs,PCB,PC profile.

LED Driver:

As the in the whole PC LED tri proof light , the driver is inside a closed environment,the temperature is higher than outdoor side,if use the a designed external driver,normally the driver could damage or in a shorter life.Take the Lifud driver for example,the LED tri-proof light producer should confirm inside the triproof,the LED driver work at temperature lower than 50℃,and the lower the longer life of the driver.So while work temperature of the LED triproof light is around 40℃,use the LED driver with Ta around 50℃ may fail in the future.It seems a stupid problem,but some producer may make it.

iThe linear metail driver with brand osram philips lifud boke tridonic had been popular for high quality led tri-proof light producer in China.The Ta usually is above 50℃,the duarability for heat and cooling is much better.


For the PCB of the LED triproof light ,the heat conductivity,copper foil is very imporant,the heat conductivity of the PCB wil determin whether the heat produced by the LEDs can transmit to the heatsink or not,if not,the LEDs will get over overheat,the life time of the LEDs will be short,and light decay will be bigger.If the copper foil of the PCB is very thin,while LEDs getting hot,the copper foil will get off the PCB,even burnt.

The LEDs

The LEDs for the LED tri-proof light , different producers in China will choose different brand of the LED , the Lumileds,Samsung,San'an is the most popular ones.The most popular type is 2835.While the apperance of the 2835 is all the same,we couldn't tell the difference of the LEDs by eyes.Different frames can be PCT,PPA,some are gold lines,some are not,some with 2 chips inside,some may only one chip,and the chip size matters a lot for the lumen effiency.The LEDs work at a safe temperature is very important to have long lifetime and low light decay.

PC Profiles

PC profiles of the LED tri-proof light most made by PC materials,the best is the  

Iupilon and  teijin from Japan,the materials must be anti-UV , or the PC profile may  crack and turn yellow.