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How To Choose Emergency LED Tri-proof Light Producer In China

With the continuous improvement of safety standards, while construction, customers always require a certain proportion of emergency tri-proof light among the ordinary LED weather proof light projects.

The emergency led tri proof light china manufacture produce,will have following problems:

1. Waterproof problems of the emergency LED tri proof lights.

While the LED triproof light should have the function of waterproof,but some emergency LED triproof light don't have the test button or LED indicator wateproof,that means in some humidity environment,the water vapor will get into the emergency led triproof light body,and damage the driver

2. Short of emergency time

Normally the emergecy led tri proof light should have longer emergency time then the customer require,as the temperature in the LED tri proof light is high.Sealed space,air couldn't get the heat out of the led tri proof light.So the battery will decay and the emergency time will be decrease 15%-30% depends on different environment and different years.

3. Damage of controller or battery

While the IP rate much higher,the temperature in the LED triproof lights will be higher while same LED triproof light and same power,and power bigger,temperature higher,so the battery and controller should can work with temperature 50-60℃,normally lifePO4 and Ni-MH battery can hold higher temperatue,but the lifePO4 battery have more cycles then Ni-MH battery

4. Our emegency LED tri proof light as following

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