Smart Lora Zigbee LED Street Light For Smart City | China Factory Manufacture

About zigbee and lora system

As the technology develops and the energy saving requirement getting stronger for reduce carbon emissions,to make the LED street light for cities more inteligent become very important for govements.

Besides energy saving,the smart lora zigbee led street light system,can monitor the working status of the LED street lights,which is damaged,can set time dimming control,group control... the system can operated by phone or computer.

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For our LED street light,the ones can have nema base,can have smart controller,as our smart controller is based on nema base.The nema base normally have 3 types:

3 wires-for on/off control

5 wires-for on/off and dimming control

7 wires-for on/off and dimming control and other extra functions

The smart controller for the smart LED street light system,can be zigbee or lora ,the option can make by customer's project requirement,and we can offer suggestions.

Except zigbee lora controller , photocell or we called light sensor is simple accessories to turn on and off the LED street light automaticly accord the lux level  in the city.