PVC cable would damage PC? China LED Three Proof Light Factory Producer

PVC cables in the led tri proof light would produce gas

LED tri proof light for industrial lighting,would come with cable,or there is existing cable,and the exsiting cable should get into the led tri proof light body.

Years ago,before our coopration,one of our customer told us his led tri proof light cracked after some time?What's the reason?

The reason is something in the triproof produced some chemical gas,and the gas would  harm the PC housing,and make it cracked.Which material could be the perpetrator?Without seeing the product,we think it can be glues,drivers,wires,cables...

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Months later,customer was convinced by our professional,and decided to let Yicai Lighting design and produce his new LED weather proof light.Before production,customer let his suppiler send us their cables for the LED tri proof light order.We assembled and test some of the 40W ordinary and emergency led triproof light,after hours,we find the the PC had cracked.After excluding other materials,we find the cable caused the damage.

The cable marked RVV cable,and later we found it's same as PVC cable,in the triproof light,after some hours working,the temperature got higher,and then the RVV/PVC cable produced gas,and harmed the PC housing of the LED trirpoof light.

Choose brand and EU certificated cable is very important for the LED tri proof light.