How Does Motion Sensor LED Tri Proof Light Work | Warehouse Under Ground Parking

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While LED tri proof light could save 30%-50% electricity than ordinary fluorecent tube triproof fixture , motion sensor LED tr proof light , also we call it microwave sensor LED tri proof light can save another 50%-80% electricity , especially for the house , under ground parking ,  corridor , stairs...

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Motion sensor is also called movement sensor , if nothing moves , the led three proof fixture won't produce light , or keep very low level light , and objects moves , the LED tri-proof light will turn to 100% brightness .

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The triproof light with motion sensor have 2 different type:

1. On/Off sensor

This type motion sensor led tri proof light cound only be on and off , the sensor works as a switch to detect movement .

2. 3 step dimming sensor 

This type microwave sensor led tri proof light should have 1-10V dimmable driver , and sensor is also more complicated than the on/off sensor , it have 3 steps :

off - N% brightness - full brightness

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The parameters of the 3 step dimming sensor LED tri proof light could be set by the remote controller , such the detection area , the detection distance , the standby dimming level , the lighting time after movement detected ...

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