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Cobra head 150w led street light is popular for publica lighting projects , street lighting , area lighting , as it's advantages such as energy saving , long life time , better light performance , less maintance charge . The color temperature 6500K 5000K 4000K is mostly choosed.

Cobra head design had been invented for long time used for street lighting and area lighting , these years as the LED technology develops , the street lighting fittings are going to be replaced  by LED street light fittings , so led street lighting products also adopted the cobra head design . The special design of the LED street light looks like a cobra head .

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Cobra head LED street light mostly are made of ADC12 aluminium die casting , as die casting can help provides complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other mass production processes , plastic materials also can provide complex shapes , but fewly used for LED street lights .

With different lens T1 T2 T3 T4 ... The cobra head led street light can display different lighting effect for different street lighting applications , the lighting uniformity can be improved , and street light poles can be reduced . And the cost will be saved .

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Advantages of the cobra head LED street lights :

1. IP66 and IK08

Better waterproof and IK , insure the good quality and reduce the failure rate .

2. 150+ lumens/W

Energy saving 

3. Different power options for different streets

30W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W are available 

4. Various lens 

With different beam angle lens , could satisfy different street lighting application requirements.

5. Long life

Life time can be 50,000-100,000 hours , save lots of electricity and maintance charge

6. Quick maintance design

Save labor cost while maintance

7. Equiped with surge protector and smart controller

Intelligent smart lighting system for city lighting , group control , time control , light sensor , working statue monitoring 

8. Adjustable light arm

Fit different street light poles